New Podcast – Resilience Unveiled

Alicia Schoolman’s Journey from Health Struggles to Holistic Wellness What a blessing to be interviewed by Shawn Blymiller for his Pure Living Family Podcast and to be a part of their team supporting their foundation for parents of children with chronic health issues and special needs!

The Courage to Continue: 1 Minute, 1 Hour, 1 Day at a Time

“Sometimes winning is not coming in first, it is doing the BRAVE thing, the HARD thing, and doing it with INTEGRITY… Belong to yourself first, speak your truth, never betray yourself for other people.” Brene Brown None of us are perfect and our lives will never be perfect. We all have our struggles, but there […]

Relief From Tight Muscles & Stiff Joints

Whether you’re neck, hip, feet, hand and back muscles are tight and sore from your daily duties at work, in the garden, lifting children, or the myriad of activities you do daily; self-myofascial release followed by stretching can drastically improve how your body feels, improve your flexibility, posture, movement efficiency, and speed, as well as […]

Favorite Free Breathing/Meditation/Relaxation Apps

1. STOP, BREATHE & THINK APP#1 FAVORITE This is one of my favorite apps as it is quick and simple to use for adults and children. Check-in with your emotions to receive daily meditation and mindfulness recommendations tuned to how you feel. Track your emotions before and after your guided breathing, or mindful meditation. Choose […]

Protect Your Spine – Stop Doing Sit-Ups!

We grew up doing sit-ups in gym and for sport conditioning to improve our abdominal strength and endurance. Through the years, studies and spine experts, such as Dr. Stuart McGill, have shown us safer and more effective ways of training the core. The core musculature was designed to resist motion. Doing sit-ups actually involves motions […]

Safer and More Effective Core Exercises

Doing sit-ups actually involves motions that lead to undue stress on the spine predisposing the spine to bulging and herniated discs. Fit-balls, medicine balls, bands, and a variety of body weight exercises such as planks will strengthen your core, protect your spine, and make everyday activities such as carrying groceries, a purse, shopping bags or […]

Chemicals Used to Grow Your Food End Up in Your Body

Toxin exposure is an underlying factor in all disease. Toxin exposure is an area often overlooked when we are struggling with health issues: mental and physical, whether it is obesity, autoimmune disease, Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, asthma and allergies, neurological diseases… Watching this 90 second video summarizing a study conducted by the […]

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