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A Compassionate, Positive & Whole Person Approach

Struggles to Triumph’s Patients Wellness Coaching for Doctors focuses on educating Patients about the positive impact multiple healthy lifestyle behaviors have on their health and well-being through developing and incorporating healthier habits that resonate with them and fit into their lives.

Annual Healthy Habits Guidance

Answer follow-up questions your patients have about lifestyle changes you have recommended and provide resources consistent with your prescribed treatment

Functional Medicine & Educational Resources

Provide resources to patients based on their interest and need, such as educational handouts, books, reflection activities, E-Books, and video/audio links.

Lifestyle Guidance and Accountability

Meet your patients where they are. Assist them in creating a plan empowering them to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits aligned with your care plan. Provide support as challenges arise.

Healthie EHR and Engagement Platform App for Patients:

Patients taking part in any of my services will receive access to this HIPAA compliant software app where we can connect via text, and they can track numerous items including goals, symptoms, food intake pics, food-mood-hunger/fullness, sleep, physical activity, blood pressure, blood glucose levels… The metrics are in graph form and are customizable. This is great for motivation, helping patients connect lifestyle habits to how it affects their bodies, minds, and quality of life, and for sharing documented progress with you during appointments.


Individual Coaching

Meet your patients where they are. Assist them in making sustainable healthy lifestyle behavior changes tailored to their lives creating their own unique healthy lifestyle through one-on-one sessions weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or quarterly with a compassionate, whole person, positive psychology approach. Flexible coaching session packages: 4-session and 8-session packages currently available.

Group Health Coaching

3-7 people meet weekly or bimonthly for 3, 6, or 12 months focusing on health topics in-person or online. HIPAA compliant group chats within Healthie’s platform for support and connection between sessions along with Healthie tracking of habits, goals, and symptoms.

Educational and Interactive Workshops

In-person or online covering topics you feel are most valuable for your patients. Possible Topics: Sleep, Stress Management, Sweet Treats Made Healthy, Qigong/Tai Chai, Healthy Holiday Meals, Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthier, Weight Loss, Safe Core Training, Toxin Exposure, Blood Pressure…

Wellness Programs

Collaborate with you and the small business owners you have partnered with for employee healthcare to create a Wellness Program empowering employees to live healthier lifestyles improving their health, quality of life, and work productivity. This also helps reduce insurance costs

Grief Support

Provide a safe, compassionate, and supportive atmosphere for patients dealing with grief, always honoring their pace, and meeting them where they are. I have co-led a grief support group at my church for those who have lost loved ones and have experience coaching people dealing with all forms of grief: the loss of loved ones, the loss of jobs, broken family relationships, and abusive relationships.

Healthcare Wellness Programs & Peer Health Coach Testimonials

"I had given up with my health and weight and stopped caring about myself. But, because you cared so much about me and my health, I found the strength and the courage to start caring about myself again and try one more time. I can't believe how much better I feel now."

~8-week Workshop Participant

"I feel the BEST I've ever felt in 10 yrs and achieved my goal of getting the Guidance, Support, Direction, and Education to take back Control of my life. I have found my VOICE! My mindset has shifted - I have ownership of my health now, and have learned how to advocate for myself with my health and setting boundaries in relationships at home and at work! I feel significantly more resilient and have significantly improved my ability to manage stress. Alicia helped me draw a map to navigate my health and life which has been life-changing!"


"I so appreciate you and all your efforts, knowledge and compassionate way of teaching. You are able to put things in a positive perspective that help me listen, learn, and feel valued. These coaching sessions provided Time for Me. Time to think about what should really be important to ME and FOR ME. I would never have stopped to do some simple but important things for myself without you. For that I am very grateful! I never stopped long enough to truly consider the importance of things like breathing, mindfulness, chemical-chemicals-chemicals EveryWhere! (OMG) I feel like I have been wasting 50 years of good health (doing real damage) because I have followed the general belief that if they can sell it in America on a grocery store shelf, it must be ok... NOT OK. Thank you again for all you do and all you are. You are the best thing the owner of this company has given me in 7 years of working with him!"


"I had the pleasure of working alongside Alicia as we completed individual coaching for our participants. She integrated smoothly into our team dynamic as we designed programming, developed education classes, and created a cohesive dynamic for representing Wellness within our organization. Right away Alicia added depth to our program. She has a depth of knowledge in Integrative Health, health and wellness coaching, Mindfulness, and exercise physiology. Alicia is a lifelong learner, researching and applying the most current and applicable health/wellness principals. The heart of coaching for Alicia is her whole person perspective. She utilizes her expertise in coaching in a style truly informed by her values of respect, dignity, and compassion for her fellow man. My recommendation would be incomplete without mentioning that in the work of Health and Wellness Alicia is a confident, courageous, and creative force for the betterment of others' lives."

~Former Peer Nurse Health Coach

"I had the pleasure of working as Alicia's supervisor during her position as Health Coach for our company's employee wellness program. Alicia's skillset for and dedication to health coaching were exceptional. Alicia's passion for coaching and empathy for her participants was evident daily in her work. She was a leader amongst her colleagues both within and outside of our department."

~Former Manager/Employee Wellness Department, Sara

"Alicia demonstrates the highest compassion, empathy, and passion for motivating people to live healthier lives.She goes over and beyond in facilitating positive behavior change and customer service. Not only does she coach others in exercise, weight management, stress management, nutrition, tobacco cessation but actively practices healthy behaviors in her own life. Her genuine patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, positive relationship building, and consumer-centric focus would be an added value to any team."

~Former Manager/Wellness Coaching Programs for Employers, Jeremy

"To encompass all that I learned and gained from working closely with Alicia Schoolman, Synergy Health, would be very difficult. Alicia was someone that approached me where I was and guided me to health. Her wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the person was incredible. She not only helped me physically but mentally and spiritually to heal. Her calls were packed with tidbits, knowledge, encouragement and gentle guidance. In one year, I learned that I do have the choice to help heal my body through what I eat and how I live. This program gave me back my life and then some. The wealth of knowledge that I learned is immeasurable. I took notes during each meeting and have a notebook full of pertinent information for living healthier. I use the notebook as a reference and as a tool to continue to live healthier. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2001 when my youngest son was 6 months old. Today he is 22 years old. That is an awfully long time to not function and feel poorly. To know there are choices and to become more in charge of my life has been freeing. The program that Synergy Health has designed for the employees of New Hanover County, NC is priceless. I would recommend anyone able to participate to do so and get your life back on track. I cannot adequately express my gratitude toward Alicia Schoolman and Dr. Noonan, for their genuine care that they gave me over this past year."


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