"The process of healing is really a process of remembering who you are."        Dr. Bernie Siegel

Do you need help to improve your sleep? Your eating habits? Your physical activity? Your chronic fatigue?
Your pain & aching body? 
Your ability to handle stress? 

Would you like guidance & support through a difficult life circumstance?


Our work together will provide you with resources and tools that resonate with you, align with your values, and are well with your soul. I will walk alongside you as your guide supporting you every step of the way with compassion, honesty, and a safe place to develop healthy lifestyle habits and mindsets that feel best for you, so you can live your healthiest, most fulfilling and joyful life.

Be Proud of Every Step You Take Toward Reaching Your Goal
Make Your Life A True Expression of Your Soul

Over 30 years of experience helping people of all ages overcome

a wide variety of health, sport & life struggles.

Sharing with you the knowledge and wisdom I've learned triumphing over the devastating health & life struggles my children and I faced is my life's passion & calling. 


I Am Here As Your Guide To:

  • Empower & Inspire you to live a life well with your heart & soul, a life true to you. 

  • Provide a safe, compassionate, and positive atmosphere to help you develop healthy lifestyle habits and use knowledge based in science and a lifetime of my experience to turn setbacks and struggles into stepping-stones for living your healthiest & most fulfilling life.  

  • Help you create your own unique healthy lifestyle, so you can triumph over whatever life throws at you.

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  Are you struggling with: 
Devastating Life Circumstances - Autoimmune Disease - Asthma & Allergies
Recovery from Surgery - Being Chronically Sick - Chronic Fatigue - Brain Fog
 Chronic Pain - Stress - Feeling Overwhelmed - Anxiety/Depression
Pre-Diabetes/Type II Diabetes - High Blood Pressure

You may be asking... "How will she help me? What will I gain?"

1.   Guidance from someone who has walked in your shoes and truly understands what you are going through. 

2.  SIMPLE, healthy lifestyle changes that make an extraordinary positive difference in how you feel every day.

3.  Supportive, compassionate, enthusiastic, and client-centered coaching every step of the way. 

4.  The ability to use your strengths, passions, and new skills to better struggles and to achieve your goals.  

5.  A coach who truly hears your voice and has your back when you feel all alone, lost, stressed, overwhelmed...


6.  Creative, outside-the-box problem-solving skills to keep you on track no matter what life brings.

7.  Knowledge regarding the difference between health information and resources that are evidence-based and

     truly work versus myths and marketing gimmicks to get your hard-earned money.

8.  New skills, strategies, and habits that resonate with you, fit into your life, and build your resilience:                         emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

9.  Guidance co-creating and tweaking lifestyle habits that align with what matters most to you and help you             feel your best.

10. Everything you need to be self-reliant and maintain your new healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.  

11. Guidance in working with your doctor to reduce medications based on your consistency and                               documentation of healthy lifestyle changes that we will create together.  

12. Guidance finding what foods, environmental factors, and lifestyle habits trigger your symptoms.


"The greatest feeling is when the people I work with feel better than they ever thought possible." 

What My Clients Are Saying:

"I crushed my leg in a motorcycle accident about 5 years ago losing the ability to walk.  Alicia collaborated with my physical therapist to design workouts to enhance my progress learning to stand then to walk again. Now I can not only walk, but my agility and balance skills have improved greatly along with my strength allowing me to ride motorcycles again which brings much joy back into my life.  I enjoy our workouts and feel better.  She has also helped me with improving my nutrition by adding in more vegetables and protein while also helping me learn to decrease my sugar intake. I love her raw cacao tea with raw honey! It is delicious and satisfies my craving for chocolate!" ~ Natalie, age 49 


"I have Parkinson's Disease and Alicia has been a Godsend to me!  I accomplished my goal of being able to do sitting tai chi/qigong and gradually even standing tai chi/qigong sometimes.  She also gave me the opportunity to ride my recline bike again outside which has brought me great joy and freedom."  ~ Dan, age 62



"Alicia is such an amazing woman. She has taught me so much about how to get healthier in mind, body, and soul. You will never meet another person like her. Anyone that gets to know her is truly blessed."~ Chrissy


"I'm a mom and my journey to health started in January of this year.  Before my journey, I had been through some life changing events which got me out of eating healthy and taking care of myself properly.  When I saw the health coaching opportunity at work, I said why not; I have to start somewhere.  I received the BEST COACH EVER, Alicia!!!  She never made me feel ashamed or bad about myself.  She always gave me advice and new information and new things to try.  Which I did... Who knew I would love avocados!!! Plant based foods, etc... Alicia helped me to understand how to eat, what to eat, read labels... She listened to me, not just with her ears, but with her heart!!!!  I was able to set goals for the first time in a long time - I lost 16 pounds and 3 1/2 inches in my waist.  When you learn to listen to your body and take care of your body it all comes together!!  It will be a life long commitment, but it's all worth it.  I refuse to sink.  When I set my mind to something, I don't give up until it's done... My coach, Alicia, is a really loving soul and cared to see me succeed!!!" ~Andria Klein 


"After my wife, Brenda, died, I met Alicia.  I let my health go to take care of my wife who had ALS.  I haven't felt this good in 20 years. In 2 1/2 months I am pain free, eating healthy, and following Alicia's exercise program. I lost 28 pounds and got my labs back which were outstanding. Alicia has changed my life!  In less than 3 1/2 months, I am off my blood pressure medicine which I've been taking since 2002.  Alicia has been a blessing in my life! Thank you so much, Alicia!  After 10 months of coaching,  I’m still off my blood pressure medication and my doctor cut my anxiety medication in half. Hopefully I will be off my anxiety medication by December.  I can tell you that I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful Health Coach and person helping me to my healthy life. Alicia is professional, caring and dedicated to her Health Coaching. Alicia is the best!!!"

~ Rob, Former Navy Corpsman