Favorite Free Breathing/Meditation/Relaxation Apps

Favorite Free Breathing/Meditation/Relaxation Apps


This is one of my favorite apps as it is quick and simple to use for adults and children. Check-in with your emotions to receive daily meditation and mindfulness recommendations tuned to how you feel. Track your emotions before and after your guided breathing, or mindful meditation. Choose from the list of free meditations: Falling Asleep, Mindful Breathing, Body Scan, Nature Sounds, Gratitude, Change, Community & Suffering, Kindness, Joy, Great Compassion, and Relax Ground and Clear or purchase other meditations for a small fee. The Learn To Meditate Section provides quick easy to read information regarding the basics of meditation and how it works. This app also offers a meditation timer, sleep sounds, quick meditations and breathing activities to help you sleep better.

2. OMM: One-Moment Meditation App
#1 Favorite for Quick 1 minute breathing throughout the day

Quick and easy to use! Incorporate a 1 minute abdominal breathing exercise into your day for greater relaxation and mindfulness. I like the optional warm-up and cool-down available. The man’s voice is calming during the guided warm-up to your mindful minute, then there is silence during your 1 minute breathing with a soft chime at the end. Available through iTunes (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).

3. Breathing Zone App

Wherever you may be with your phone, click this app to practice slow, deep breathing. You can adjust the number of breaths per minute as you improve as well as the amount of time you practice. Available through iTunes (iPhone) or Play Store (Android). improve your ability to manage stress through slow breathing. Slow breathing allows you to increase the variability of your heart rate to decrease stress, improve focus and build resilience.

Available for anyone through Apple or Google

The Mindfulness Coach App was developed to help Veterans, Service members, family members, and others learn how to practice mindfulness. It is a gradual, self-guided mindfulness training program designed to help you understand and adopt a simple mindfulness practice. Four areas are provided to use or not use so you can tailor it to your needs: 1. Build Expertise – Learning about mindfulness and the benefits you gain from it 2. MindfulnessTraining – Guided sessions for better understanding and answers to common questions 3. Practice Now – Many different breathing, mindfulness, and meditation guided exercises 4. Track Progress – Setting goals, practice logs, and assessments for mindfulness mastery

The PTSD Family Coach App is for anyone to use who has a family member dealing with PTSD. Features include:

  • Information about PTSD and how it affects those who care about someone with PTSD.
  • Tips to help families better support a loved one with PTSD, and themselves. The app includes information on how to find counseling.
  • Facts about counseling for individuals or couples managing PTSD in a relationship.
  • Tools to help family members manage stress.
  • Self-created support network of people to connect with when in need.

5. Relax Lite with Andrew Johnson
This app includes an audio guided relaxation with calming music. Andrew Johnson guides you through the relaxation audio with a calm scottish accent. This app is excellent to use whenever you have time for a longer relaxation session and even great to use when lying in bed before falling asleep.

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