Aluminum In Antiperspirants Linked To Cancer And To Brain Damage From Vaccines

Army Worms Used To Make FluBlok Vaccine  

CDC Vaccine Pink Book of Excipient Summary: Inert Ingredients

Children’s Health Defense Foundation – HPV Information

Death & Disability to the HPV Vaccine 

Certified Naturally Grown – Better Than Organic at Farmers Markets

Dr. Anne Steinemann – Toxin Exposure Through Fragrances

Dr. Blaylock – Vaccines & What You Need to Know For Informed Consent plus Additional Vaccine Resource

Dr. Blaylock – Vaccine Truths for Children & Adults

Dr. Claudia Miller – Toxin Exposure & Health

Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies In Pennsylvania Senate (Four Vaccine Injury Syndromes Revealed)

Dr. Russell Blaylock Exposes Gardasil, HPV Vaccine Fraud & HPV Prevention With Nutrition/Levels of Specific Vitamins and Flavonoids 

DTAP Vaccine Ingredients

EWG – Environmental Working Group

How Childhood Vaccines Can Cause Damage – British Journal of Medicine 2004;328:483

Important Vaccine Facts – Weston A. Price

Lauren Argiri: HPV Vaccine Injury 

Look Up Info About Reported Vaccine Adverse Reactions 

The Most Important Decision Parents Will Ever Make: Whether or Not to Vaccinate Their Child – Weston A. Price​

National Vaccine Information Center – The Moral Right To Conscientious, Philosophical & Personal Belief Exemption To Vaccination

Research on the Risks for Children & Possible Neurological Consequences – Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD

Surviving Mold – Biotoxin Related Illnesses Resources

The Vaccine Conversation with Melissa & Dr. Bob

Vaccine Educational Tools

Vaccine Information

Vaccine Ingredients – Always look up the ingredients to understand what they are. 

Vaccine Ingredients:  Baculovirus – Insect Viruses & Spodoptera-frugiperda-cell-proteins​ (Army Worm Proteins)​

Vaccines Can Cause Allergic Reactions

2018 Big Gaps In Toxicity Testing For Vaccine Safety

2018 New Human Fetal Cell Line Available For Vaccine Production

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