1st Responder Zach Shares His
Health Coaching Experience During 2020

It was my honor & privilege to work with 1st responder Zach! An incredible man who inspires me with his bravery, his heart of service, his wisdom, the way he inspires & supports other 1st Responders, and how he lives his life with integrity.
Thank you for trusting me on your journey, Zach!

Zach:  "Before coaching I struggled with severe back pain and my weight. I lost 30 pounds and my pain was an 8, flirting with 9, and is now 1-2 (pain scale of 0-10, 10 being the worst pain). It's been awesome. I really enjoy that you took the time to know me and you didn't give me cookie cutter steps to follow. You gave me something to try and said that if I don’t like it, we’ll back up, re-evaluate, and try something else. I've done different programs through the year but nothing was made for me; it was made for thousands of others, it didn't feel personal and I couldn't get my mind to stick with it. The information you gave TO ME FOR ME, I believe, IS WHAT REALLY HELPED ME. I wish everybody could do it."

"Don't let anyone walk on your mind with their dirty feet."
      Mahatma Gandhi  




“I began working with Alicia 6 years ago and my life has risen to a new height of wellness!  I went to Alicia when I was at one of my lowest points, emotionally and physically.  I am a former athlete who had 4 kids in 4 years, was dealing with so much stress in my life, and had lost track of me.  Alicia not only helped to guide me to better nutrition and fitness, for MY body, by she also allowed me the space to fall back and start fresh, too many times to count!  I am now 40 pounds lighter, more fit, and am excited about reaching my goals!  I could not have done this without Alicia's knowledge, compassion, and perseverance.


Alicia has also worked with my children with amazing results!  They range from serious athletes to athletes who now "workout”.  Through her extensive analysis of their movements and habits, Alicia has created work outs that enhance and correct their balance and strength, improving every aspect of their athletic endeavors.  Quite simply, they adore Alicia and want to improve as much for her as for themselves!  I cannot recommend Alicia highly enough, whatever your Wellness goals may be!  She is an absolute blessing!"​




“When my daughter was 3 years old, I could no longer hold  or carry her due to my wrist, shoulder, and neck pain. This continued for about a year.  Then, Alicia showed me exercises for my arms, hands, and shoulder, and neck along with using the miracle balls which changed my life when the doctors, even after surgery, couldn't do anymore to relieve my debilitating pain.  With the exercises and myofascial release techniques, my pain has diminished immensely.  I have been able to carry my daughter ever since starting Alicia's exercise program.  I take my band and balls to work with me fitting in my exercises during lunch.” ​

Paula, age 44



“I am Alicia's daughter and am so grateful I was blessed with such a caring and knowledgeable mom to raise me to fulfill my full potential. I struggled with many severe allergies and sensitivities with foods my whole life. Learning how to truly listen to my body through all the difficulties greatly benefited my overall health as I continued to grow up. Now, I am able to take care of myself and preserve my body!  I would not be the healthy and happy person I am today without the guidance I had from my mom. Not only did she teach me the importance of nutrition and what is healthy for me as an individual to eat, she gave me an outstanding athletic foundation which has given me enormous advantages for sports and exercise. I have been able to rapidly recover from broken bones, sprains/strains, tears, and surgeries with the fundamental foundation she granted me using sleep, nutrition, and exercise that is best for me."  


Lindsay, age 18


"When I began, I was having severe pain in my knees and my right hand was almost unusuable. With Alicia's help, I have good movement with both hands and have lost weight (started at 158# & now 140#) along with much better core strength.  I used to fit in size 8 pants, now I wear size 4 pants.  I have been able to avoid the strong arthritic meds by learning about inflammatory and non-inflammatory foods along with my acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. The exercise and food changes have been a tremendous help to me.  I got my life back!  It almost feels like a miracle at my age; it is easy to give up and think you have to learn to live as a sedentary senior due to pain and not being able to move as well, but there is so much help for us if we stay open minded.  I found myself giving up those things I loved doing most like kayaking and canoeing. Alicia has been so gentle with me and yet has helped me be able to enjoy an active life again. I have Type II Diabetes and have found that her veggie smoothies have lowered my blood sugar and have kept it much more stable.  After only about 4 months of working with Alicia, my AC1 score improved from 6.9 to 5.1, which is now in the normal range; I lived for years with it too high, even with taking Metformin.  Oh, I want to say that I stuck my nose up at first with the idea of veggie smoothies. With a Great Surprise, they taste FANTASTIC and have fruit of your choice and the many veggies I never ate on a regular basis. The turmeric, hibiscus,and rooibus teas have been so beneficial for decreasing pain and inflammation. God Bless You, Alicia, for giving me the courage and strength for a better life."

Cheryl Ann, age 68


"I have severe sleep apnea, along with spinal degeneration of the neck and low back that causes inflammation, tingling, and shooting pain down my arms and legs.  I also tend to carry 10-20 extra pounds of weight, that thanks to Alicia's teachings about healthy food choices satisfy my hunger, and exercises that build muscle and burn fat, I can keep those unwanted pounds off.  I have worked with Alicia on and off for many years, and find I'm much more successful controlling the pain and unwanted pounds when Alicia is guiding me.  I'm also able to get some restful sleep when I exercise and eat healthier foods. Alicia's tips for recovering from illness have helped me immensely.  THANK YOU ALICIA! Sincerely, Maxine." 


Maxine, age 59


“I crushed my leg in a motorcycle accident about 5 years ago losing the ability to walk.  Alicia collaborated with my physical therapist to design workouts to enhance my progress learning to stand then to walk again. Now I can not only walk, but my agility and balance skills have improved greatly along with my strength allowing me to ride motorcycles again which brings much joy back into my life.  I enjoy our workouts and feel better.  She has also helped me with improving my nutrition by adding in more vegetables and protein while also helping me learn to decrease my sugar intake. I love her raw cacao tea with raw honey! It is delicious and satisfies my craving for chocolate!"      

Natalie, age 49


“I have been working with Alicia for years and she has helped me change my lifestyle greatly.  Over the years, Alicia has helped me properly use my strength without injuiring myself and eat smarter by teaching me about what foods are good to eat and how they are good for your body.  She has changed my life greatly through all different stages of my life, from sports training to restrengthening my body after pregnancy.  Alicia has a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about each and every person she works with. 

Lindsay, age 32


"Alicia, it has been wonderful working with you. I appreciate all your help and guidance. You're a great coach! God Bless You!"


V.D., age 64


"Alicia, you have been there for me through such a difficult time in my life, supporting and guiding me in achieving my weight loss goals and helping me keep balance in my life with stress coping strategies. You are so beautiful. I am so grateful to you!"


M.C., age 56


"Your guidance and encouragement with my exercise program and teaching me about the importance of drinking enough water has improved my life so much.  I feel so much better.  I sleep so much better, awaken feeling rested, and have much more energy, especially in the morning. Thank you, Alicia."


G.K., age 56


"Alicia, you are so different from other coaches I have worked with.  It has meant so much to me hearing in your voice how much you truly care about me and that you took the time to explain and teach me about stress coping strategies.  Knowing you are there supporting me in such a caring way has given me the confidence to try the different relaxation and belly breathing methods which has made my life so much better! I feel AMAZING!  Thank you so much! "


L.R., age 68


"I am so thrilled! Alicia taught me how important proper sleep and eliminating soda, diet and regular, are for losing weight.  I had no idea that diet drinks along with a lack of sleep and water were preventing me from reaching my goal weight.  Together, we brainstormed ways to help me get more sleep and exercise - I chose to have my 3 children help with household chores in the evening.  Now they join me when I exercise too, having fun doing "their workouts" .  I lost 13 pounds in about 6 weeks reaching my goal weight which I have struggled with for years.  I never realized how simple changes could make me feel so much better."


B.N., age 46


"I appreciate your help so much, Alicia, and that you recognize and remind me of my character strengths. Teaching me about proper water intake eliminated my severe leg cramps during the night which used to wake me up every couple of hours during the night.  Now I sleep well all night long. The belly breathing and visualization you taught me helps me fall asleep easily too.  I stay more alert during the day and have so much more energy."


D.S., age 53


"Thanks to Alicia I feel like I have a new lease on life! I appreciate so much her kindness, support, and guidance!"




"I have Parkinson's Disease and Alicia has been a Godsend to me!"


Dan, age 62


"Thank you so much for the suggestion to add balancing exercises into my workouts using the garden kneeling pad. It has improved my strength and balance - It really works!  You have been so motivating-with helping me to lose weight with your great suggestions!"




"I like working with Alicia because she is kind, easy to talk to, and easy to work with in helping me achieve my goals."


Michelle M.


"Thank you Alicia -  You have been so helpful and supportive and a wealth of knowledge to boot! It has been a pleasure working with you and I truly appreciate all of the wonderful advice and insight that you've shared with me."




"Alicia was the first coach to really listen to me and to give me choices instead of telling me what to do.  Our sessions were wonderful and inspiring, never boring or bossy like I had experienced with other health coaches.  Thank you for working with me, Alicia!"




"I found that Alicia gave me great perspective, opening my mind to new ways of dealing with illness and improving my health."




"Alicia has helped greatly with my joint and back pain with her exercises she suggested. She also has me on healthier life style with so many great things to eat! I’m so grateful that my diet is so much healthier, I have much more energy, and I am almost pain free! Thank you for all you have done for me."


Rob, former Navy & Marine Corpsman


"You are good at your job!  You keep me motivated."




"I met Alicia at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by the trials of chronic illness. Many times I would show up to sessions feeling lost and alone, but with Alicia's loving expertise, I would leave each session feeling more hopeful and motivated to take another step toward a healthier life.~


Kathy B.