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  • Alicia Schoolman

Safer and More Effective Core Exercises

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Doing sit-ups actually involves motions that lead to undue stress on the spine predisposing the spine to bulging and herniated discs. Fit-balls, medicine balls, bands, and a variety of body weight exercises such as planks will strengthen your core, protect your spine, and make everyday activities such as carrying groceries, a purse, shopping bags or a diaper bag, gardening, shoveling snow, lifting children

as well as sport activities much easier placing less stress on all your joints.

It is crucial to choose exercises that are best for your body taking into consideration your strength, your past injuries or surgeries, your flexibility and mobility, as well as your motor pattern efficiency. Having you perform movements with proper alignment, posture and movement patterns is my first priority which will help you achieve your goals in a safe and more effective manner.

Exercises can be modified for your strength and ability levels. One simple way to start working your core more is to sit on a fit-ball while working, watching a TV show, or visiting with friends. If that is easy, try lifting one knee up and hold for a few seconds and then switch legs. Farmer carries with your purse, groceries, briefcase, diaper-bag, dumbbell, kettle bell, backpack filled with books... are additional ways to work your core throughout the day.