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First Responder Zach Shares His
Health Coaching Experience During 2020

Learn how Zach's health coaching experience impacted his health, his work, his pain, his family life, and his mindset about his health and trying new habits, new techniques, new foods...

It was my honor & privilege to work with First Responder Zach! An incredible man who inspires me with his bravery, his heart of service, his wisdom, the way he inspires & supports other 1st Responders, and how he lives his life with integrity.
Thank you for trusting me on your journey, Zach!

9 min. 25 sec.

Zach:  "Before coaching I struggled with severe back pain and my weight. I lost 30 pounds and my pain was an 8, flirting with 9, and is now 1-2 (pain scale of 0-10, 10 being the worst pain). It's been awesome. I really enjoy that you took the time to know me and you didn't give me cookie cutter steps to follow. You gave me something to try and said that if I don’t like it, we’ll back up, re-evaluate, and try something else. I've done different programs through the year but nothing was made for me; it was made for thousands of others, it didn't feel personal and I couldn't get my mind to stick with it. The information you gave TO ME FOR ME, I believe, IS WHAT REALLY HELPED ME. I wish everybody could do it. Even my kids are  eating healthier. We are more active as a family and outside more instead of being couch potatoes."

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