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Weekly Use of Chemical Cleaners = Smoking 20 Cigarettes per Day

6,200-participant study from the University of Bergen in Norway showed that using cleaning solutions only once a week for 20 years damaged women's lung tissue as badly as smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 10 to 12 years

*The effect on children was not studied, but it is a fact that children are more susceptible to toxins than adults.



Some Toxins In Household Items are Endocrine Disruptors Linked to:



Early Puberty

Heart Disease

Hormone Changes

Thyroid Irregularities

Autoimmune Disease

Reproductive Problems

Allergies, Asthma, COPD, Food Sensitivities...

Birth Defects in the Male Reproductive System

Impaired Brain & Organ Development in Young Children

Toxins In Fragrances Lead to: 

(toxic fragrances are found in laundry cleaners/softeners, air fresheners, candles, personal care products,

makeup, home cleaning supplies, perfumes, lotions, baby wipes, dish soap…)

                    Migraine headachesAsthma attacks Skin problems (rashes, hives, red skin, tingling skin, dermatitis)

                Neurological problems (dizziness, seizures, head pain, fainting, loss of coordination)      

                Respiratory problems (difficulty breathing, coughing, shortness of breath)                                          

                Cognitive problems (difficulties thinking, concentrating, or remembering)                                            

                Mucosal symptoms (watery or red eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing)                                                 

                Immune system problems (swollen lymph glands, fever, fatigue)                                                         

                Gastrointestinal problems (nausea, bloating, cramping, diarrhea)                                                                       

              Cardiovascular problems (fast or irregular heartbeat, jitteriness, chest discomfort)                             

                Musculoskeletal problems (muscle or joint pain, cramps, weakness)


Anne Steinemann            
Univ. Washington Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering & of Public Affairs


 “Air vented from dryers that use scented products contains a mix of some 25 chemicals. 7 of the chemicals are classified by the EPA are hazardous air pollutants – toxins that can cause reproductive issues or birth defects. 2 chemicals, acetaldehyde & benzene are classified as carcinogens, for which the EPA has established no safe exposure level.”  Anne Steinemann, PhD 2011

(Univ. of Washington Study published in Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health)  

Air Qual Atmos Health. 2016; 9(8): 861–866. Fragranced consumer products: exposures and effects from emissions Anne Steinemann 

   “Nearly half of the products tested emitted chemicals that have "no safe exposure level." What does that mean? These chemicals are classified as carcinogenic Hazardous Air Pollutants by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA's position is that not even one molecule of exposure is safe or risk-free.”   Anne Steinemann, PhD

Claudia Miller &

Allergist & Immunologist at Univ. of Texas Health Science Center

Expert in chemical sensitivity or toxicant-induced loss of tolerance


   “Products intended to keep homes smelling fresh can set people up for a lifetime of chemically induced illness, and repeated exposure to small amounts of household chemicals can trigger symptoms to previously tolerated chemicals. “The best smell is no smell.”   Dr. Claudia Miller           


Wool Dryer Balls

Instead of Toxic Fabric Softener Products & Sheets

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  • Use 1 ball for regular dryer loads

  • Use 3 balls for heavy loads such as jeans, towels, bedding

I also use 1/3-1 cup of baking soda in washing machine for enhanced eco-friendly cleaning & softening power that also protects your health. Vinegar works great as a rinse aid.  The colors in balls do not bleed onto your clothes.

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