1:1 & Group Sessions focus on lifestyle factors that improve health & well-being through

developing and incorporating healthier habits that resonate with you & fit into your life 

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     We Are a Team & I Am Your Guide
    Our sessions together are about finding what works best for you and/or your child, what ignites your soul,            and implementing what resonates with you into your lives knowing that our conversations are a safe and              confidential place for you and your child to share what is on your heart and mind.  I will be your personal              ally, walking with you every step of the way, always in your corner.  I will never tell you what to do.  I will                share evidence-based information along with my coaching experience perspective as to what will best help          you achieve your goals and honor what you feel is best for you.   
      Solutions Tailored to You and/or Your Child's Lives, Your Values, Your Goals 
     You and your child's Health & Well-Being needs are unique, as are you life circumstances.  Each person’s                journey to overcome and rise above health and life struggles is also unique, so I tailor your coaching sessions 
      to your unique strengths, values, needs, and goals.  As your guide, I will help you develop new skills                        and simple, healthy lifestyle habits that resonate with you and align with your goals and what matters most to        you.  I provide a safe, compassionate, and positive atmosphere to help you turn setbacks and struggles into            stepping-stones for living your healthiest and most fulfilling life.  
    Making Changes Simple & Realistic
     I will simplify what is healthy and what is not, so you aren't left at the mercy of deceitful marketing done by          the health and food industry out there touting healthy products and programs just to get your hard-earned            money.  The changes you choose to make will be simple and realistic, not always easy though, but that's why          I'll be there supporting and guiding you every step of the way.  The resources and information you will                  receive are tailored to you and backed by science and my many years of experience.  


Online & In-Person 

1 Free 60 minute Individual Coaching Session

 1 Free 30 minute Follow-Up Coaching Session 

Lifetime Use of the Healthie App to Journal Symptoms & Track Goals, Symptoms, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep...









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Student Membership

Feeling Exhausted? Stressed? Stuck?  
Overwhelmed? Unmotivated? 

Develop skills, habits & a plan to get your energy, zest for life & motivation back.


1. How to Breathe Correctly 

2. Multiple Relaxation Methods

3. Tips To Handling Stress Well 

4. How Sleep Affects Your Health &     Your Ability to Handle Stress

5. How Stress Affects Your Choices, 

   Productivity & Problem-Solving

6. How Toxins Affects Your Energy

7. How to Fit Relaxation, Breathing        Techniques & Physical Activity        into Your Day

Do You Need Help Lowering Your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar & A1c? 

Learn what works, what doesn't & make a plan to improve your numbers.


1. How to Breathe Correctly 

2. Multiple Relaxation Methods

3. Tips To Handling Stress Well 

4. How Sleep Affects Your BP & A1c

5. How To Eat Healthier & Still             Enjoy Food & Social Gatherings

6. Physical Activities For Healing 

7. How Stress Affects Your Choices, 

   Productivity & Problem-Solving

8. How to Fit Relaxation, Breathing             Techniques & Physical Activity 

   Into Your Day

Is Your Child Exhausted?Overwhelmed?
Not Doing Homework?
Unable to Focus?

Having Meltdowns? 
Stressed with School
or Peer Pressure?



1. How to help your child develop skills     & habits to handle stress better.

2. Practice Ways to Reduce Stress for            yourself.

3. Develop a PLAN for your young child

4. Resources to help you & your older       child develop a PLAN.



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Support for Moms Dealing with Unhealthy Spouse/Ex-Spouse Relationships 

        Handling Stress with Spouse/Ex     Helping Your Kids Handle the Stress
Live a Life You True To You 
  Reflection Activities
Guided Relaxation Activities
Fitting in Physical Activity
How Sleep Affects Your Stress Levels
Foods that Reduce Stress
Create a Plan  


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Learn Foods, Drinks, Cleaning Products, Bath Products That Affect Your Lung Health

Learn How I Improved
Asthma Symptoms for
My Children & Myself


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Finding Meaning & Growing Closer to God through Our Greatest Health & Life Struggles 

90 min. Group Session
Christian-Based Meditations
Relaxation Methods
Discussion & Reflection Activities
I will share what I've learned
Resources for You 
Create a Plan




*These sessions are for guidance purposes, and are not intended to be a substitution for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with questions regarding a medical condition, or interactions between supplements and prescription medications.