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Welcome Moms & Dads!


Here is the Reimagine Education conference recording of our 45 minute discussion about cultivating peace, gratitude, and joy in our daily lives to build our resilience and our children's resilience amidst the stresses of life, especially with the challenges we are all facing with Coronavirus.


Below are links to 5 FREE handouts. One is a gratitude practice for all ages that you can do anytime and anywhere. The other is a list of some different ways to de-stress and rejuvenate with a section to create a daily plan at intervals throughout the day.… - Register here to receive free nutrition information for yourself and your children. It includes a Goal sheet for adults, teens, and children to track your phytonutrient (Rainbow of Color) intake each day to boost your immune systems.

Of course a plan is just a guide, always be ready to tweak your plan for yourself and your children as needed. As we all know life isn't perfect - we just do our best each minute, each hour, and each day. Every day is a chance for a Fresh Start, a New Beginning.💜


Feel free to contact me to learn more about health & wellness coaching and to see if it is a good fit for us to work together, individually or as a small group with people that you know - for weight loss, reducing stress, improving your health, support with parenting/schooling at home with Coronavirus... Prices are 50% off, right now to help those of us struggling with finances right now. I also offer a sliding scale, based on individual need financially due to difficult life circumstances, so money never holds anyone back from having the support they need for their health & well-being.


Sending you light & love,



Welcome Again Mom & Dads,


Feeling so grateful to join all of you and Candice of Reimagine Education Conference today! We discussed better ways to handle those difficult parenting moments when our child behaves in a way that is really difficult for us to handle emotionally along with how sleep is vital for the whole family's health and well-being and keeping joy in daily life. Sleep is key to reducing stress and building you and your family's resilience.  Thank you so much for watching! 💜 If you would like to connect with me, feel free to contact me via Facebook, email, phone, or a zoom call.

Free resources can be found on my website 🙂 Register on my website for free nutrition guides for your whole family.… (look under Sleep & Your Family's Health)

Sending you light & love,


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